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The Single Most Important Commercial Real Estate Loan Factor

A Fully Formed Vision By and large the most predominant factor to be considered in securing a commercial real estate loan is your ability to repay the loan. As exciting as it can be when an entrepreneur imagines his vision coming to fruition; there are practical elements that must come into play. For instance, when you mapped out your business plan did you consider whether you can repay your loan should unforeseen circumstances occur? This is critical, because they always do. A fully formed vision will require looking at many of the possibilities that can arise and determining a way of dealing with them. Documentation All of the documentation in the loan process points to this one main criterion—can the borrower repay the loan? Very few lenders involved in commercial real estate lending have an interest in providing loans without sufficient collateral to assure repayment. This repayment can include principal

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Surety Bank 90 years graphic

Surety Bank is 90 Years Young

Our Beginnings We are very excited and proud to have turned our calendar over this year marking 90 years as a local community bank. We were a start-up in 1926 and we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best services to our clients in both their business and personal lives. Looking back over our rich history here in Volusia County, Florida, we started our bank just three years before the Great Depression. By 1933 nine-thousand banks had failed in our nation. Our ability to survive through those hard times was won in part because we worked hard and actively kept communicating with our shareholders and borrowers. Our door wasn’t barred shut but open to console and direct our clients with sound advice. We were interwoven within our community and maintained the integrity to do what was right. Through tried and true practices we stayed the course year after year with

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The Three Best Uses of Personal Loans

Many people often wonder what the best source of borrowing is when they find themselves in a financial predicament. Should they use their credit cards, finance through a private company or take out a personal loan? The answer will certainly depend on the circumstances. Wise Consideration Always, when seeking to borrow money, it’s wise to take an overview of your financial habits and responsibilities before taking the plunge. For instance, if you are looking to borrow money so you can take an exciting vacation; you may want to reconsider the long term ramifications. Once the vacation is quickly over, the payments are around for the long haul. However, if you have already taken the vacation and charged it all to your credit cards; you may want to consider taking a personal loan to pay off the card. Often, the credit card finance charges are higher than the personal loan fees.

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34th Annual Farm Tour of Volusia County Photos

We attended the 34th Annual Farm Tour for Volusia County last week. They had two tours. One was on the east side of the county and one on the west. It consists of local farmers and nurseries that are open to the public to give them an opportunity to discover what they have to offer. This year is David Griffis”s last year of guiding the farm tours because he is retiring. He conducted the tour on the Westside for 34 years and we wish him well! Surety has had a presence at the farm tours for the last three years and we support of our Agriculture community. It is very important that we support our Agriculture industry in Volusia County as we continue to focus on the farm to table movement and bringing people out to these businesses to support them. Some of our restaurants are using their products locally, some of the

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Volusia County Fair Breeding Swine Superintendent talks about the impact of raising livestock

Tommy is the Breeding Swine Superintendent at the Volusia County Fair. He took a few minutes out of his day to talk with us about the impact their program has on a young person’s life. It was great to talk with him. Watch some of the other Volusia County Fair videos.

We caught up with Austin Carey to talk about raising market swine

We had the opportunity to talk with Austin about his experience raising all kinds of livestock, but specifically swine. He shared some really interesting facts with us! Looking forward to seeing him tonight (November 12, 2015) at the sale.

Cheyann Wilkins explains the details behind raising livestock

For only being 13, Cheyann is very knowledgable about raising livestock. She is showing a steer this year and hopes for it to be the best year yet. Watch this interview to see where she gets her inspiration from.

Taylor Palmer talks with us about raising livestock

We had a chance to talk with Taylor about the challenges and fun of raising livestock. She tells us about how she got into it and why she still loves it so much. Taylor is a busy girl but still finds time for raising and showing livestock. Check out some of our other interviews

Melissa Palmer talks about raising a lamb at the Volusia County Fair

Melissa took some time out of her prep work to talk with us about her experience working with and raising her lamb. She has learned a lot about the process and hopes to continue in the coming years. Watch what some of the other young people had to say about their experience raising livestock.

Alexis Anderson talks with us about her experience raising livestock

Alexis is a sharp girl with a lot of responsibility. She raises various types of livestock at her family’s farm and is showing her calf at the 2015 Volusia County Fair. Listen to what she says about her passion for the animals. Watch what the other young people had to say about their experience raising livestock.