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Commercial Loans

There are many reasons our clients needed a commercial loan. Any of these goals are great reasons to look at a commercial loan. Our aim in providing a commercial loan is to help you achieve your goal, not to sell you a product. The loan has to make sense for your business or financial plan. We understand commercial loans are not only about the rate but also about understanding the total value of how the loan will be used. Learn More Talk to a Loan Expert

Why Choose Surety?

Our clients have chosen to use Surety Bank as their provider to some or all of their banking needs. Here are three of the most common reasons why our clients choose us: In an ever changing landscape of technology and business, Surety has positioned itself in the market as a bank that still can make a decision locally. You can sit across from the CEO in Deland FL and talk about why you should or shouldn’t move in a certain direction.

Business Checking

As a business owner, a checking account is the life blood of your business. Managing your cash is crucial to owning and operating a successful business. This is why Surety Bank offers a business checking account that will fit your customized needs. If you are thinking about moving to a community bank, this is a great way to start a new relationship.