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Tools To Grow Your Money

Invest in the future with commercial loans.

There are many reasons our clients needed a commercial loan. We listed a few of them here:

  1. You want to expand your business
  2. You need more square footage for manufacturing or to house your business
  3. An initial investment or addition to your investment portfolio

Any of these goals are great reasons to look at a commercial loan. Our aim in providing a commercial loan is to help you achieve your goal, not to sell you a product. The loan has to make sense for your business or financial plan. We understand commercial loans are not only about the rate but also about understanding the total value of how the loan will be used.

Here are a few specific commercial loans we have helped our clients with recently:

  • Apartment complex purchase
  • Office Building purchase
  • Warehouse purchase
  • Industrial building purchase
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Invest in your business with a business loan.

We have helped many business owners achieve success in their business by implementing a business loan as a way to expand or start up. Also some of our clients have come to us to help them with working capital or a lease buildout on a building. Even though a business loan was right for each of these business owners, our goal for all our clients is to make sure a business loan is right for where they are going with their business.

When meeting with a business owner for the first time, we want to get to know their business. Understanding the bigger picture to a person’s business can lend a lot of insight into how a business loan can be customized to fit their need. During our process of looking at the business and the need, we also take some time to make sure the client understands the reality of how a business loan might change their business growth. Along with our due diligence, we help our approved clients by keeping the interest rates competitive.

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The right resource to grow your business could be a line of credit.

In both the Deland and Daytona Beach areas, we meet many successful business owners who need additional financial resources for a variety of reasons. We have positioned ourselves to help you achieve the goals of running and growing a successful local business. Similar to our business loan process, our main priority when meeting with a business owner is to understand the primary reason for the business line of credit.

During the initial process we will ask our clients questions about their business to learn more. We will also ask questions like, will you be using this money as a tool for emergencies or a more regular basis? Helping a business owner through difficult decisions can be part of knowing how to best use a business line of credit. When meeting with our clients we offer our advice on how to best approach the problem they are trying to solve with a business line of credit.

Saving for future business investments can start with a money market account.

At Surety Bank we like to think of a money market account as a cross between a checking account and a savings account. You have the ability to build your savings while maintaining access to your money. We always have competitive interest rates and our clients choose to use this type of account for various purposes. A money market account is a great vehicle to help you plan for future expenses or future purchases.

If you know you will need a new piece of equipment in the next 12 months, it might be a good idea to start putting the money aside now. Instead of keeping money in a non-interest bearing account, your money can continue to grow while you wait to make your purchase. Call us or come into one of our branches to talk with us about how a money market account might help you as you plan your savings.

A CD might be the perfect vehicle to align with your business savings goals.

As a business owner there are many demands on your time and your money. Making a good decision for how and why you should save your money has become more complex over time. If you are looking for a safe way to save, a CD can be a perfect vehicle to get you there. With Surety you can open a CD with a minimum deposit of $1000.

While your money is growing, you can have peace of mind knowing it is backed by FDIC insurance (up to $250,000.00). As a great addition to your porfolio, a CD can give you safety and a return in the same package. Come into one of our branches or call us to see if a CD is the right vehicle for you to start saving.

Surety Credit Cards

No matter which card you choose, you’ll enjoy important features like:

– EMV smart chip technology for added security
– Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience
– Plus much more!

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How a simple business loan helped give Artisan Hotel what it needed to grow

The Artisan Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel located in the heart of charming downtown DeLand, Florida. Owners and sisters Sara and Hina Patel have captured the vintage feel of this 1920’s era building, with its rich history and architecture, while creating an elegant, trendy place to relax.

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Tools To Manage Your Money

A centralized place to manage your cashflow.

As a business owner, a checking account is the life blood of your business. Managing your cash is crucial to owning and operating a successful business. This is why Surety Bank offers a business checking account that will fit your customized needs. If you are thinking about moving to a community bank, this is a great way to start a new relationship.

Saving money is critical to the growth of your business.

All of our clients who own a business have different goals when it comes to how they save their money. A savings account can be a great way to plan for future purchases or create an emergency fund for the unplanned events that inevitably pop up.

Surety Bank is a great place to look when researching how you will save your money. If you are thinking about starting a relationship with a new bank, a business savings account can be a simple way to make the switch. Come into one of our branches or give us a call to learn more about a savings account that is right for you.

Managing your business is much easier with online banking.

We have made it easy for you to manage your business accounts online and have given you the best of both worlds to do it. You get the efficiency and productivity of using our business online banking platform while having access to a real support person who can help you with any needs that come up. You can connect with them by phone or in person at a local community bank branch.

Online banking comes standard with our accounts giving you access to your money at all times.

Here are some of the benefits to using our business online banking tool:

  • Transfer Money when you need it
  • View Activity and Transactions Anytime
  • Quick Easy Access to Your Financial Picture
  • Save Time

We have a better way to pay your employees.

At Surety Bank, our aim is to give our clients who are business owners better ways to streamline and grow their business. In this way we have worked to become the business owner’s source for providing a connection to the best payroll services.

Our payroll services solution offers businesses the comprehensive services of a national payroll provider, backed by dedicated, local payroll specialists.

Here are some of the reasons business owners trust us to bring them quality payroll services:

  • Direct Deposit
  • Better Management of Employee Withholdings
  • Employee Earnings Statements
  • Timely and Accurate Notifications of Tax Liabilities and Deposits

Helping local businesses with rapid growth

John Hamlin with Hamlin & Associates talks about his company’s rapid expansion in Ormond Beach. With a commercial loan from Surety Bank, John was able to realize his dream, renovating a local building and expanding his business to over 20,000 sf.

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