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A simple business loan helped give Artisan Hotel what it needed to grow

Artisan Hotel Deland FL


Artisan Hotel DeLand, Florida

The Artisan Hotel is a lovely boutique hotel located in the heart of charming downtown DeLand, Florida. Owners and sisters Sara and Hina Patel have captured the vintage feel of this 1920’s era building, with its rich history and architecture, while creating an elegant, trendy place to relax.

These two sisters are no strangers to the hotel business. They were brought up in the business and previously owned another hotel downtown. They found this location in 2013 which had been closed down and vacant. It is an historical landmark and they knew they could create something really beautiful and different that would be an asset to the DeLand community. They fully renovated the building with eight hotel suites located on the third floor. They lease out space on the first floor that has the very popular Sinatra’s Italian Restaurant for their guests to enjoy. Using their business savvy, they have utilized all the available square footage leasing office space and they are working on creating a banquet space for events.


Business Loan Deland FL


Business Vision

Their vision for the Artisan Hotel has really taken off. The appeal of a boutique hotel offers the guests the luxury of the finest amenities while providing the quaint feel and modest price of a fine bed and breakfast. Sara and Hina pride themselves on their attention to details. Customer service is of the utmost importance to them. For a small hotel they have a big staff. They want their guests to have someone available to them 24/7. This is just one of the many details that have set them apart.

Many of their guests have been vacationing foreigners drawn to the charm and elegance their hotel exudes. One of the benefits of a downtown location is the appeal it has for visitors to step out the door and wander through the city exploring all it has to offer. Stetson University always has a myriad of interesting things to explore and the local business owners are all so passionate about their businesses and their town.


Business loan Deland FL


The Surety Bank Advantage

The Patel sisters are quick to tell that this would never be possible if it hadn’t been for the wonderful people of Surety Bank. They are second generation customers of this community bank. Their father has banked with Surety and always imparted to his daughters the benefits of developing a relationship with those whom you do business. They heeded his advice and Surety Bank went the extra mile. When they found this location two years ago the bank actually approached them with the offer of financial services. Surety Bank saw the benefit that this new establishment could bring to their community and wanted to help make that happen. The bank had provided financial services to them with their previous hotel. At the time the economy was floundering and business was hindered as a result. But Surety Bank saw how committed these women were to maintain the high standards of their business and building in spite of the difficult times. Having a small community bank that takes a case by case approach to finance is an enormous advantage to the well-being of a business community. Sara and Hina were personally known both for their character as well as their personalities by the employees of this bank. They know that their day to day business needs matter to Surety Bank. They have grown up in this community and their children are growing up in it and this gives them a sense of confidence that the future looks very bright.

Through their good relationship with Surety Bank they are in the process of opening a new eatery downtown called Urban Break in partnership with Rosemary Morelli. This will be a great little place to get pizza and wings that is sure to please both the locals and visitors alike.

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